Juet Womaniya

Juet Womaniya was an event to promote Women in Mozilla and in this event WOMOZ of  JUET Firefox Club  were taught about mozilla and its mission and were given a brief introduction of Webmaker tools and Development of FxOS apps .

It was a session to make the girls aware about contributing in open source and making FxOS applications and games . Being the WEBMAKER MENTOR & App developer the session was taken by me and I told them about HTML , CSS , JS  and compiling it to make Firefox application and how to host the app on FIREFOX MARKETPLACE . 

Girls were eager to learn more and more of App development and after the event girls requested me to take more sessions so that I can teach them more about contributing in OPEN WEB and working on Open Source Projects and promoting the Mozilla's mission . 

Event Link :- https://reps.mozilla.org/e/juet-womaniya/

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