A meeting was organised by JUET Firefox Club for the discourse of  the events to be conducted in TACHYON 2015 , a Tech fest organised by CSI JUET & JUET Firefox Club . The Moz-Meet-up was an initiative taken by Mozillian's in order to bring out the innovative ideas and views so as to promote  Mozilla Firefox . 

The Moz-Meet-up started with the discussion on the workshops and the booth that will be setup during TACHYON 2015 (Tech fest of juet ) be organised by Mozilla Firefox community.The workshop will provide the attendees to get familiar with Firefox web apps and its applications . The booth will focus on webmaker tools and the events on the booth will help students learn about webmaker tools .

The discussion went on with the promotion strategies as well and volunteers were assigned their works for the workshop . Volunteer's were provided with snacks as well as Mozilla goodies.

Me and Aditya made the plan out and worked accordingly to assign some work to each n every volunteer during our MOZ-Workshop and a plan for the upcoming events in and outside the college was discussed . Volunteers gathered some information and work for the next future. Working plan for this semester was revised and improved.
The Moz-Meet-up ended on a determined note of making best out of the events for the JUET FIREFOX CLUB .
It was to ensure that after the meetup the students will contribute as much as they can which they did actively .

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