Monday, 23 November 2015

Hour of Code @ Guna

Hello everyone,
This blog post is about the recent event that JUET Firefox Club hosted, which was Hour of Code , Guna as to support Mozilla India and to teach and aware students of schools about mozilla and its tools.  Sajal Singhal along with Rahul Singh extended this great World wide campaign to out region Guna and this was my first time to support HOC and come up with such technical event which focused Students primarily.
All over it was fun and great experience to organize two day event at four different venues
1.Delhi Public School
2.Hindu Path School
3.Kendriya Vidyalaya.
 In total we could achieve maximum head count of approx 150 students. The Enthusiasm with which each student participated and completed their activity made us to feel proud.

We had teach students about internet , html, mozilla, net neutrality  and some about coding which they will learn in their higher studies because they were not aware of coding and related practice. So we demonstrated a basic code and then we ask students to write some code using html as they all are students of class IX and X , they all had done an excellent job , even we give swags and chocolates for the students who have done exceptionally well at such small age. I also shared my experience as student ambassador and volunteer at Mozilla. All of them were highly encouraged and most of them want to join our club  but they all are below 18 so unfortunately we can't do so.


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